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Oh my gosh, I've finally caught up!

Go me!

28 °F

We got our exam grades back. Eh heh....

ANYWHO, the highlight of this week was Thursday :D Xin Yu, one of our classmates, suggested that we all go out for lunch together.

As a brief aside, I really got lucky with my classmates.


I feel fortunate that I have the classmates that I have. We're all pretty cool with each other. There are no vendettas or blood debts to be paid among us. I've heard from a few other people that their class is nowhere near like ours. Everyone kind of keeps to themselves and they don't do anything together. I'm really happy that my classmates are so nice and friendly and that we like to do things with each other.

Back to the main point:

Thursday after class we bike to this area outside the East Gate and go to a restaurant called The Kro's Nest. It's oddly American in look and atmosphere. At the very least, it had American songs playing. It's a very cozy pizza restaurant were I ironically ate pizza on Thanksgiving, ha. Our 口语 teacher came with us. She's pretty fun to be around when she's not the strict speech teacher, heheh.

About three large pizzas fed all....13 of us? They were pretty big pizzas with hefty slices. We didn't finish half of one pizza so Xin Yu took it back with him later on. The menu was pretty American as well. BBQ chicken wings, onion rings, cheese sticks...I was pretty impressed.

Lots of good conversation went on and we stayed there for a good...three hours?

I also found out Kathi, the girl who sits next to me in class, likes dead baby jokes :D She kept asking me for one, and when I managed to crack part of it out, we just burst out laughing.

And I mean LAUGHING.

And by that, I mean I finally found another soul who shares my twisted sense of humor.

Dead baby jokes aren't even funny, but that's what makes it funny. I can never explain why, haha.

Anyway, two of the classmates around us were like, "That's horrible! What's funny about that?" They weren't offended, but sort of clueless as to why we were laughing so hard at something so immoral. Haha.

It was a good day. I looked up some dead baby jokes to tell the next day, and Kathi actually wrote some down to tell hem. Ah, I love my classmates, fufu~

Sunday (11/28 and/or tomorrow) ten-ish of us are going to 欢乐场/Happy Valley!

Funny story.

It's an amusement park in Beijing, Shanghai, and Shenzhen, but we heard about it as a vocab word in our listening class. I think it was Kathi who originally proposed that we go. It's been equate to a Disneyland of sorts, with theme parks, rides, and rollercoasters and the like. Some of those rollercoasters look kind...ooof. And by that, I mean scary. I'm no wuss, just an overly cautious person, fufu. Another classmate arranged for a bus to pick us up at 9am and we're going to leave maybe around 6pm.

I'm kind of excited :D Again, I'm glad we classmates get along so well and want to explore Beijing with each other. Supposedly there's a date for seeing the new Harry Potter in the works. To be honest, I haven't read any of the books or seen all of the movies, but a friend has summarized the end for me, so no surprises. I SO was being sarcastic when I asked if Snape died by snake. I swear. Poor Snape :*(

Snapes on a Plane.

On a completely unrelated note, I've been teaching myself the Korean alphabet as of yesterday (11/26). Three girls in my class are Korean and can only speak Korean and our level of Chinese. Two of them are the ones that invited me out to 798. I really like being around them because it forces me to speak Chinese instead of slipping into English. They know very, very few English words, but not enough to make a complete thought, and they don't understand English when fluently spoken. Anywho, I often hear them speak Korean and the language sounds so pretty! It's almost...sing songy, if that makes any sense. Very pretty on my ears :) And it's nice to be around a phonetic alphabet. Trust me.


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