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Catching Up: One week at a time Part 4

Ah~ Monday, after my Tai Chi class, I went jogging...in 45 degree weather. It was so nice :D The previous week I finally bought some jogging/yoga pants. I was afraid they wouldn't have my size (Asians are so tiny and Americans are so...the complete opposite...). But! I found some and they fit quite nicely. They even have the draw string which is a plus.

This week (11/8-11/14) is the week of the competition, also known as cram time, haha.

Tuesday is my roommate's friend's last day here. I can't recall if I mentioned this already or not, so ignore it if I did (that's what I get for being so behind).

About a week and a half ago, my roomie comes in with her friend saying they've been "found out". The women behind the counter downstairs told them they've been "watching them" *creep much?* and that her friend has to move out immediately. I thought it took them a pretty long while-almost two weeks to find a pattern that the girl was being sneaked (snook?) in.

They tried to find a room in the guest house which is two buildings down from us, but it was full. Sooo...they had to find a hotel a little ways outside of campus. Helen (my roomie) stayed over with her friend every night since her friend didn't adjust well to new surroundings by herself. That's understandable and all, but Helen was staying over there every night for a little over two weeks. I would have thought her friend would *eventually* get used to being by herself for at least part of the day.

Helen still had night classes to go to, so sometimes her friend would hang out at our dorm but had to be gone by 11pm. I know I shouldn't project and that everyone is different...and it's not like I wouldn't make sacrifices for my friends or anything....but I'd try and get used to my new surroundings as soon as possible so I wouldn't be placing a burden on my friend. It'd be a bit different if my friend were from the States and they didn't want to stay in a Chinese hotel by themselves for the first few days, but...I don't know. I'm really not trying to paint a bad picture of myself (my biting sarcasm does that for me, fufufu...).

Anyway, I bring this up because Helen's friend had to go back home on Wednesday, 11/10. I suggested we go out for dinner together as a way to send her off but Helen had night classes :( Helen offered to bring back some food instead on her way back from class, so I said sure, a mini celebration would be nice.

I thought she was just going to bring back a few snacks.

I forgot she was Chinese, haha.

She brought back, if my memory serves correctly, an entire cooked chicken, minus the head/neck/feet, puff cream balls (they're called Papa Beards, methinks? There's this ice cream type substance they put into rounded puff pastry things. I had part of the green tea flavor, yum), rabbit tails which are the shorter version of mouse tails (both are hard/crunchy fried dough), and coconut milk.


The ironic thing? This was the week I was being a pseudo-vegetarian and going without bread. I was mostly avoiding red meat and lamb as a mini detox, but I couldn't suggest we celebrate and then not eat half of what was used to celebrate :/ So I had some chicken which was really good, along with everything else that was quite yummeh.

Wednesday her friend left early in the morning. I was in class when they came back to gather the rest of her stuff to leave. :/

Thursday was the competition. I think things went smoothly. They divided everyone up between Beginner classes and Elementary/Advanced.
Ah, before that! Earlier in the day during class, I doodled....okay, I *drew* a Chinese dragon on the chalkboard next to where I sat. I hadn't popped one of those bad boys out in a while :o The

综合 teacher saw it and asked me if I could decorate the boards in the competition rooms. In the Beginner room I drew some flowers and a random mountain scene, and for the Elem/Advanced I drew a dragon and phoenix. I thought they deserved something a little more..."grand"..for getting so far in this butt kicker of a language, fufuu....

Anywho, we had some really good competition. The very first group had a part where they rapped in Chinese. It was very clever and the crowd really loved it. My group was 5th and my fellow classmates was 3rd. There were't that many group performances; most were individuals talking about their experiences in China and/or traveling to other parts of the world.

In the end, my classmates were one of the ones who won 2nd place :D I *told* them they won but they didn't believe me :P

The winning group followed by what I drew on the board, winning group, and group picture of the peeps in our class who participated (most of them).

It felt SO good to have all of that over with, though. Words just cannot explain, haha.

That Sunday, my roomie thought my midterms were the following Monday, so she came home with all of this food! She is so sweet! She stopped by this restaurant and got strips of Beijing duck (including the onion, sauce, and pastry that goes with it), this unidentified vegetable that I think I've had before but never knew the name, rice, Mao's favorite....I forgot the name. It's the meat cut into cubes where most of it is fat and a bit at the top is actual meat. We only ate the Beijing duck that night (it was very good, especially the onions...I'm an onion fanatic...).

Sigh. It's good to be fueled on good food because the following week are the dreaded finals.


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