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Catching Up: One week at a time Part 3

I'm getting there!

Ah~where has October gone?

The competition (originally held this coming Thursday, 11/4) has been mercifully pushed back to 11/11. In the meantime, my groupmates and I are practicing our skit.

Our 综合teacher, who we later found out was one of the judges, fufu, offered to help us with pronunciation and all that good stuff.

By midweek we were very close to memorizing all of it. Alfie, the gameshow host, had the most to say, so he understandably took a little longer to get his part down. It didn't matter to me, I was doing all of this for the experience and practice. Alfie's a really funny guy, so he was doing a great job of portraying a happy go lucky host.

On Wednesday, I think?....We met up dorm 20 (my dorm) to practice in one of the study rooms. It was a night and the room had these large windows on one side of the wall. We were silently going over our parts before we practiced out loud while Wen Mei sat there idly staring off since her part was so easy. I noticed she kept looking towards the window but I shrugged it off thinking she was just zoning out or something.

We practice our skit about four times:

Alfie comes in and introduces the show and the contestants (we have corny gameshow music in the background). Min Hui introduces herself, saying she's bankrupt, I introduce myself, saying I want to return to Mongolia to eat lots of lamb and drink milk to become strong, and Wen Mei plays the confused foreigner who can't understand what anybody is saying.

The first question is about a Chinese idiom we learned in class: 笨鸟先飞 more or less meaning the slowest (or in some cases, dumbest) bird must fly first. It ultimately means if you're kind of slow/behind, you have to put in the extra hard work.

Anywho, 鸟and飞 were left out in the question and we had multiple choice answers. Min Hui and I get it wrong, while Wen Mei picks up a flower and goes "B...C...B...C..."while pulling off each respective petal. By guessing she gets it right.

The last question is "What do you think of this man's picture" and we show a picture of him posing, haha.

Min Hui says he's not handsome, I can't answer because I have a boyfriend, and Wen Mei sounds out the word "shuai" which, given the proper tone (4th) means "handsome".

So, she wins and gets 3.50 yuan as a prize, haha.

While she was waiting for her turn to go during the skit, I kept noticing she was turning towards the windows and looking out.

Alfie then mentions right before we all leave "I've never seen a girl check herself out so much."

Jesus Herbert Christ.

I too have never seen such a vain creature. I mean, the number of times she was looking at herself....

I don't know, I was raised to be humble. The only time I really, really look in a mirror is when I'm drawing a portrait of myself. The rest are just passing glances.

I know it's a personal problem, but vain people really annoy me on a fundamental level. The background to her phone is even a picture of herself. Yikes.

Yes, I know it's a personal problem, I really do. But damn. On a fundamental level....damn.

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